The Humboldt County Mysteries Series

A cozy mystery series set in Humboldt County, North California.

These books revolve around the townsfolk of Blue River. Blue River is an odd town. The population includes a lot of retired loggers, weed growers, clown students and people who are just wanting to escape from the rat race.

Sadie Simpson is the owner of Patrick's Palace, a costume shop that supplies a lot of costumes for the theatre school next door. 

The first Humboldt County Mystery is out in December 2022


A hippy, a logger, a pot grower and a clown walk into a bar…and you know you are in Blue River.

Sadie Simpson has not had a good month. Dumped by both her employer, and boyfriend, she then learns her Portland home is being demolished to make way for a new on-ramp. Taking a road trip to figure out her future, Sadie plans to visit her daughter at college, then go stay with friends in San Francisco.
But these plans get derailed by an anonymous text.
Her estranged sister, Samantha, has been arrested for murder.
It looks like Sadie is going to have to take a detour off the 101 to her old hometown of Blue River. This is where her sister lives, and this is where Cara Armstrong, failed mayoral candidate and local busybody, lived—and died.
Cara’s body was found on the community garden compost heap. She’d been killed by a pair of cannabis trimming scissors.
And those scissors belong to Samantha.

Shears of a Clown is the first book in The Humboldt County Mysteries Series.

A contemporary cozy with a tiny hint of edge! This quirky cast of characters is sure to win your heart. For lovers of Agatha Raisin and Virgin River alike.

Shears of a Clown - “Like Virgin River, only funny!”