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Louise Jane Watson is excited to be publishing her first mystery series soon!

If you want to read cozy mysteries that involve

 a small town in Humboldt County 

a bizarre costume shop —

a dog called Norman —

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Shears of a Clown

December 2022

Sadie Simpson never imagined she'd move back to her home town of Blue River. She also never imagined that her estranged sister would be accused of murder.

After a bitterly fought mayoral election, the small town of Blue River is rocked to find the losing candidate — Carena Armstrong — dead on top of the compost heap in the community garden. Blue River is a curious place, an old logging town that houses an international mime school and a world famous line dance team, but it doesn't usually have to deal with murder. 

Fingers start pointing in all directions, especially when it gets out that the deadly weapon was a pair of sharp scissors, used for trimming cannabis during the harvest season — in Humboldt County that means there are an awful lot of suspects!

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Once upon a Mime

Release date 2023

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About Louise Jane Watson

Louise Jane Watson was born and raised in the UK, but now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their cat.

Growing up in deep rural England, she spent her time reading (Enid Blyton books mostly), drawing (lots of fashion designs for her Pippa dolls) and constructing dens in the hedgerows. 


Teen years were Jilly Cooper, Douglas Adams and Dick Francis books, plus lots more drawing and a little less den-making.


Louise moved to Northern California in 2002 and ended up working at a clown school (long story). The Pacific Northwest soon took her heart and she and her three kids became permanent residents a few years later.


Now, when she isn’t writing, she is still drawing (a lot), dancing with her husband Chris (lots of enthusiasm, not much style), and trying to teach the cat some new tricks.


burn all the books

Leather Workshop

"You do have some funny notions" was Patrick's standard joke as I carefully placed all the needles and bobbins in size order.

Chapter 2, Shears of a Clown


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